Soap is simply made, though the chemical reaction is complex. Chemically, and acid (the fats and oils) and a base (a solution of sodium hydroxide and water) react to produce soap and glycerin.

Soap helps clean in two ways.

  • It helps water "wet" the surface to be cleaned, permitting water to reach more of the surface.

  • It connects the dirt to the water permitting the dirt to rinse away.


honey soap

  • 3 oz.

  • 1 Piece

  • Clear gold color glycerin soap with honey fragrance made with real honey. Shape of the soap is also perfect for a quick massage.


item # 020101


  • Set of 2

  • ~2.5 oz. each

  • This jasmine fragrant avocado cucumber based soap will make you visit back to summer time.


Item # 020102